Would you like to move more easily, comfortably, efficiently? Welcome to this site for information about the Feldenkrais Method in the Kingston upon Thames area.
Ash has been applying the Feldenkrais Method professionally since 2007 as a fully qualified teacher and member of the UK Feldenkrais Guild.
I work with anyone who is interested in movement-related issues and developing further. My particular interests include:

  • RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)
  • dance
  • playing music
  • recovery from stroke
  • behavioural modelling
  • Aches and pains, stress and strains – Feldenkrais attention can help with most of that: dealing with the inevitable knocks of life and aging.
    And there’s also the way it can help people deal with congenital or acquired movement difficulties like Multiple Sclerosis, stroke, or RSI.
    And it’s one of a very small handful of ways that is capable of developing new types and styles of movement, whether for musicians, actors, dancers, gardeners, athletes…
    Do ask if you just want to find out more or whether Feldenkrais may be useful for you! See the “Contact” section of this site.